Suites Machado

A 17th Century Palace Mansion with 21st Century Comfort

Suites Machado comes to being thanks to the careful restoration of the 17thCentury mansion. Upon looking into the entry hall through the gate, the patio gives the impression that time has stopped to enjoy the greenness of the plants, the blues and greens of the tiled walls, the glass windows that surround it and the antique shutters of the doors that enclose it. The restauration process was carried out with one clear objective: Offer 21st Century comforts while respecting the essence of the mansion to provide guests staying at any one of these six exclusive suites a sophisticated experience.

Each door, window, tile, floor piece…they have all been carefully preserved and restored, cleaned and shined to boast past glory. All of the furnishings have been saved and reused, while trying to hinder the inevitable newest incorporation from altering the careful balance that the establishment enjoys.

Nevertheless, this has not been the only criteria: minimizing the environmental impact of the work and its management has and continues to be our hallmark. Guided by respect for antiques, understanding their value and quality, being aware of their carbon footprint when acquiring material, each element, no matter how small, has found its own space: door handles that change doors, doors that change directions, windows that change walls, furniture nestled in every corner…..interior design has become an exercise to carefully combine it all when facing the challenge of maintaining the beauty of the many ambiences unaltered.

Solarium Terrace with a View

From the rooftop terrace, accessible by lift, you can enjoy the sunshine and a privileged view of Seville’s Cathedral, the bell tower known as La Giralda, traditional buildings of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood in which you will notice the many belfries and steeples of near-by churches and the towers of the most noble palaces and ancient Sevillian homes, to provide guests with unique and unforgettable memories.