Suites Machado


The Santa Cruz neighbourhood where Suites Machado is located is the historic and monumental epicentre of the city of Seville. This section of the city is known for its palace manors, museums and churches with a wealth of Andalusian Baroque religious art. There are hidden corners that once made up Seville’s former Jewish Quarter and that surrounded the Royal Palace, which is one of the oldest operating palaces in Europe. The Real Alcazar in Sevilla is, together with the almighty Cathedral, only a few meters away from Suites Machado. Moreover, the neighbourhood is home to elegant tapa bars and nooks dedicated to Flamenco, as is the case of Sala Fabiola—an exclusive location that maintains the essences of the most traditional Flamenco—is waiting to be discovered by tourists. The street itself, where Suites Machado is located, offers several cultural gems, including the only section still standing today of the city’s former Jewish Quarter.